Sandy Memory

Standing on the beach as a boy
I looked way out into the sea.
Fishing was my reason for being there
Now it means so much more to me.
My memory of being in that place
Is so real that I hold it so dear.
I close my eyes and see it like yesterday
I listen closely and I can still hear.
The waves crashing on the shore at my feet
And the sea gulls squawking above my head.
Wisps of sand hitting my face,
And a voice that that suddenly says.
“Look son, out past the sand bar.
Do you see the birds that are flying in the air?
That's where all the fish are at.
Now throw your line out over there.
Reel it in fast and jerk it some.
Entice them to take a bite.
Oh, what a Sandy Memory I have,
When that line went so tight.
I fought that fish just like it was Moby Dick
I battled and battled it up to the shore.
The thought of my prize still brings tears to my eyes
I wish I could just have one more.
One more day out on that beach
As a kid with that great man.
Oh, what a Sandy Memory I have,
Holding that proud catch in my hand.

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