The black foot loss life path centuries ago without spiritual influence to improve their Nation’s well-being. Now filled with man’s fear (Cloudless). Oh’ she saw’ stood with enemies chosen pathway! Instead of – the Most High’s chosen ‘Purpose given then (to live life with harmony and freedom) free for all foots. The dance is not for Black foot’ only partiality (Santa Claus) pulls these strings (but) a pre-ordained magic ball rolls bigger than entity (seen) pally along their life roads gives no stability’ but unseen to eyes. A sunset rise to this disillusion wild pathway gathered false perception and abides. Insofar Black foot too scared to take the challenge of ownership. A non-victory deemed duties lacks awareness with trembling soul’s retribution or responsibility for their own (life) and journey period. Is this feared life pathway anything to do with? – (The Most High’s challenges sets?) (No). This given pathway is nothing but planned racism dancing with inequality to stop progression happening for (Black foot) and to top it’ (Santa Claus watched). Cloudless dances in the atmosphere like balloons floating high above brain level. Oh dreams no longer serves divine purpose to Black foot, but manmade vision is more attractive to soulless life. This stops them using their own ability to apply creativeness to their life journey (lifestyle) to date smack. Black foot is the only nation that are keeping the others (Nations) back’ by allowing themselves to be abused in ‘Public by the Cloudless who give themselves artificial earth power. Black foot must have faith in self and the Most High in order to find freedom and peace from pre-ordained bandages.

© Joan Thomas
All Rights Reserved - 02.09.2017)

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