Beheld her I, and I to sudden love surrendered.
I loved her with the purest instant love.
Her eyes were chocolate sweet and brown velvet,
Her gaze was deep and candid, soft as dove,
Resolved to die but get fond love from me.
I touch her body with its velvety supple,
She snuggles up to me, lapsing in sleep.
That’s love – my Sarah, mine to the umpteenth aeon.
She’s unrepeatable, one of a kind , unique
I know, she’ll flood me with her fond affection,
And she’ll rush by my side, till death from me will snatch her.
I found her, a tiny helpless pup.
Lost in the shrubs, yelping at the mounds.
Now she’s the queen of hunting pride, the hub,
And she’s the proud leader of all hounds.
I went a hunting yesterday at dawn,
Mist was still clinging on, in a thin film
Then Sarah smelled a track, her mastership was shown,
And she shot forward in pursuit of it.
Never did I suspect that danger would befall
The hound that in the shrubs would stalk and crawl.
I darted like a youngster, deep in love
With a local damsel seeing her pass by,
But like a bird from the clear sky above,
My damsel Sarah was nowhere to find.
Silence set in. No noise, no bark, no moan.
I cried out from the bottom of my heart,
Repeating “Sarah! Sarah!” till the moon shone.
The mount was evil, and my voice it hushed.
I found myself in the thick of the wood.
Night fell and covered me in somber shroud
I was emaciated, starving, mute ,
And leaned on a tree trunk, gasping loud.
I had to drown my grief in a sip of wine.
Sorrow, joy, vanity floated in my mind.
I gulped some sips, they made my blood to boil.
I rose and rushed through shrub and branches, calling:
“I lost you, darling, in the night’s dark coils.
Where are you, Sarah? It’s so dark and appalling!”
Then, suddenly, I overheard the bark,
I was in scratches, blood was gently oozing,
I caught sight of a fire, distant, far,
And started sneaking, modicums of grief losing.
I stayed concealed, invisible as a spook,
In the shadow of a tree by a brook.
There, round the forest fire, circling, jumping
Were twelve nude maids, resplendent, beauties, pampering
A boiling cauldron with some potion bubbling,
And like demonic priestess they chanted:
“Come, oh ye winds from all parts of the Earth,
And spirits living far and wide, we summon!
Transfigure Sarah, by a miracle unheard
Into the faithful, coveted, beloved woman!”
Winds rushed, in a gust lightning fast, and swept,
Then everything was black, soaked in pitch-dark,
The starry sky above into nothingness leapt,
And I felt freezing overwhelm my heart.
Then thunder echoed mightily above.
Lightning tore the impenetrable veil.
I clung to the tree trunk, shivered awed,
And then beheld emerge from the trail
A damsel fair of countenance and grace,
She gently trod, as if caressing the lawn.
A nightingale in the moonlight rang,
Twelve swans were circling the damsel around,
Lit by festive rays, of colors divine.
I shivered, and my thoughts strived to collect.
My gaze was fixed, enchanted, petrified.
There she was, my dream damsel I had lacked,
But dared not move, lest she would not be mine.
Then she approached, and fond by me stood.
Caressing with her soul my innermost
She bent with love, and whispered what for good
I shall remember, engraved in my heart.
“The miracle is here to stay, for you
Have cherished boundless love, mighty as a flood.
Of Divine Essence’s charm I am the clue,
The fairest maiden that a man has had!”

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