We are many, large, tall, short, and lean
We travel the world and some are mean
Unfortunately we're misunderstood to some degree
We run on the earth and love to be free

Creep into the night and play in the streams
Have been here for years but are rarely seen
What have we done to deserve this hatred?
We do our own thing and some say we are sacred

More and more every day we are talked about and picked apart
Everyday is the same for us we are very smart
They call us by different names, we only try to exist in peace
People hunt for us just so they can get their release

We can be mythical and slight on our feet
Nobody can catch us, we can't be beat
We knock on trees to alert our own kind
Tell our race to be careful for what's beyond that tree line

We get a kick out of mankind and play mind games
To see if they can out think us but this race is too lame
Some of us smell, the outcasts of ours
The rest are normal with massive strength and power

At times we intimidate humans to leave our special place
We throw rocks, howl and chatter to scare your race
We are driven out of our homes and further inland
All we want is to be left alone, but no, we are banned

You won't scare us away we are going nowhere
Take this warning to heed, we are your worst nightmare
If you are wise you'll leave us alone
Go back to your cities, go back to your homes

Steve tells it right, If you're smart don't look for them
People that shared their encounters have been condemned
Just let them be and live in their dens
After all they are very likely more human

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