Satanist City Dark Vengeance

Never has the light shine so bright in the night sky. The moon is high setting into a chain of darkness overcame a frosting who the crow? The eloquent come in sight of silver city did he calibrate desired fit element? That is above the skyline I rise hugging a tower.

The torpid especially forbidding over the horizon as the night longs with the horned gods damned. While the moon is high with patches of clouds still. As the police sirens whistle by to stop crime this kind of guy. I am the seven hundred feet above ground.
I rise as the gargoyle volcanic to rock.
I leap off the building plummeting to the earth filled with memories of flames that ravages over city traffic. I propel myself to the building across from the one. I jump into the window of one building.
I seek healing and after acrobatic leaps into glass and steel in bricks hold by steel.

This was all through fifteen buildings were that destroyed cataclysmic at super speeds with anger of memories broken to one. I stop to kneel in a rough landing of thoughts in cracked gravel in concrete on top of a short building architecture.
This is from a hard landing.
I get up standing with my sword attached to my back head held high. Then staring into the distance missing those wings will fly bat like over the horizon as the sun begin to rise in snow. This being it into the blind wind. I died sin inside holding in to honor in protect ones under Satan of those who are truly good;

and were left wronged by societal norms to bring about justice this is my song. The peace to the world by this fabled girl Lyuarisa my pearl angelic not to upset god but she did well done. This is but now mist the end that happened dumpster boy bill sickening happened.

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This Poems Story

The darks gods that wreck havoc among a forgotten abandoned city.