Satan’s Lair

I took a walk with sorrow,
And knocked on Satan’s door.
He enveloped me in his madness,
And forced me to the floor.

I became acquainted with desire,
And embraced his savage appetite.
Flames of lust caressing me,
As he rocked me through the night.

Sorrow was forgotten,
From the heights of carnal bliss.
I thought to make my home there,
Coaxing me towards the abyss.

His greedy laugh startled me,
And shook me deep within,
Because his voice was cold and harsh,
Like ice is to the skin.

Hesitation whispered a warning,
Seemed to question his intent?
As the devil meant to own me,
Yet this warning Heaven sent.

Ownership is bondage,
A relationship without heart.
So I severed the ties that bound us,
And our union fell apart.

Sorrow stood there waiting,
Again we became a pair,
Grief was our companion,
As we traveled through despair.

But sorrow was the wiser,
As he lead us to the site,
Where faith, hope and compassion,
Were standing in the light

Then embraced by understanding,
I look towards my past,
Because Satan’s role was paramount
For healing to occur at last.

Passion can be magic,
When shared by two in love.
But until you recognize the dark
You might not want what’s sent from Above

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