SATURDAY April 22, 1944

The day was crisp, the air was fresh, and no clouds were
anywhere seen. The sky remained deep blue.
Jack from next door was standing
in our front yard yelling my name at our front door.
This ritual was used for the lack of telephones.
Knocking was reserved for important things.
Before responding to his call, I tied my sneakers
with holes in their soles and pulled my sweatshirt
on with a squirm. I met Jack in the yard. He sported
a grin, was tossing a baseball into his glove, and wanted
me to 'catch' for him. I had no glove, and could not afford one.
Bare-handed, I gave in. Jack was two years my senior
and aspired to pitch for the Boston Braves someday.
Catching with bare hands caused considerable distress.
This prompted me to concoct various excuses to
frequently take a rest. It was not too long before looking
up into the sky, that I saw it.
“Hey Jack, take a look at that!,” I shouted. We
stopped, stood, and stared. Above us and off to the East
was a single cloud against the blue of the sky.
The curious thing that kept our attention was the shape.
It was in the form of a giant white cross. More
strange was it stayed in place, not drifting or floating
away. We had been watching for a spell when we
realized the cloud was slowly shrinking in place.
After a while, a small tiny cross became a white spot
and then vanished. Shortly after that; Jack's mom
shouted from her back porch: “Hey boys,
wotcha watchin'? Ready for a snack?”
We raced to the house across
the field, that space between our abodes.
While munching on a Westminster cracker or two
and gulping our mug of cider, Jack told his Mom
about the strange cloud, we had watched.
She paled somewhat, her eyes grew wide, and her
mouth opened up in awe. “It came over the news
a wee bit ago, the Archbishop of Boston had died.”
“Aw Ma, the cross was not towards Boston. It was
off more north towards Lowell.”Jack stated.
Mrs, Seeley sat down and spoke in a quiet voice:
“Lowell is where Cardinal O'Connell was born.

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    This tale from my youth is pretty much the way it was.