Saturnine Giftt

Eyes averted to the pain of the moment, Of recognizing pupils,
lost in thought, exploded, Focused
on the darkness, friendship, love not anointed
Pointed glares, of the flare of a star Imploding.
So a galaxy to be.?. dispersed matter and debris
Of a fantastical, magical, yet the practical deceased.
It just had to be,......Too much light and energy
The end of all and we. ..Was this supernova of me.
Universally, one could say...That it is meant to be this way
That if all didn't end...It might singe future days
Yet a black hole in my chest, ....Was filled after this mess
A lost soul now blessed, .Still it's impossible to digest-I guess.?.
That such a beautiful plan,.....With a striking asteroid of a man
Cant be missed, now can't be kissed, Left a wandering spaceship,I am
New planets start to form,,...Impatience in infinite storms
Of what seem like forever....,.This love tethered and worn
Why so quickly Was it simply, that this young love was so old
or was it so young!,And too much fun ....impossible souls..
Slowed infinite, in a sense, honeymoon Obtuse like sky,
pupil eyes, pointing fingers Did you see .go by?..
falling stars make a wish.please please one last kiss
Before I burn away.............................Talk to me, say
That it's i you will miss
But even time laughs
At my desperate attempts
Now move on
Rings screwed on
Saturnine gift

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