Save a Life, Take the Blade

A simple mistake cuts people deep to the core,
It makes you want more.
One mistake leaves you with regret,
The scars remind you in case you forget.
I wish they would go away with each prayer,
But in the end they are always there.
That's why friends are there to help you get through,
The mess you get yourself into.
The effects of depression control my confession,
Asking for help can get you far.
It's not too late for me,
I hate seeing the blood drip against the sink.
Sometimes all you have to do is think.
I do this to feel,
And I know it's not ideal.
The scars make me feel haunted,
Addictions can do that.
I'm sorry is all I can say.
I wish somehow life would just take me away,
To when I wasn't afraid to cry,
Words affect me more than ever now,
And all you can say is how.
I want to close my eyes,
And hope that someone could hear my silent cries,
That rest on my arms.
These are the effects of self harm,
If you recognize the signs,
And read between the lines,
What you say can kill or save a life.
Help someone before they pick up the knife.

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