Save Me

Save me from all this pain
Save me from going insane
Save me from dying
Im through trying
Im done crying
Im tired of feeding everyone lies
Im sorry mom if I ever made you cry
I think I might commit suicide
If everyone keeps on telling me lies
I wish I could just fly away
I wish I wasnt so afraid
Save me from death
Spare me your last breath
I have a hole where my heart once stood
Im always misssunderstood
When will I ever find the things I've been looking for
Save me from hurting myself
My eyes are burning
I can't look anyone in their eyes
Because I know im just gonna tell them lies
I can't cry because thats weak in daddy's eyes
I try to get a guy but instead I'm hurting myself
Will anyone ever help me
I've never felt like this before
Because love is what I wish I could adore....
Save me

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