Save me

Whenever I start moving from full moon to new moon ,save me
I have to gain the lost dream again that you gave me.
Can you please tie my messy hair
If you hold my hand,I can walk miles with my feet bare.

Can you help my eyes to look up
Can you recall me the Pinky finger pledge we took up.
I am in a dark cave,please bring a firefly
Please be a shoulder beside me, whenever I cry.

I am a white canvas , complete me with outline
If you step ahead me , the game will be free,fair and fine.
Like a flower, who blooms with a fear of being pluck out
I know, to trust me or not, your mind is fighting with doubt.

Let's again make our feet wet in the seas
Please be my crutches, so I don't need to lay down on my knees.
If you don't have time, don't worry,I just need seconds
If you become my guide, my destiny don't need to be trackened.

I don't care about world ,I know you will believe in brave me
Whenever I start moving from full moon to new moon, save me, save me.

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