Save My Life

Today isn't yesterday, if only it was ahead 14 maybe 11 give or take a few less month's
my life can begin to breathe again.
Not watching for shadows coming out the corner of my eye, lay my head down with closing
my eyes.
Not going to nowhere, that's the truth no lie.
I can't even relax my back let alone someone seems everyone in our past from today which
you might as well always live the ongoing repeating yesterday.

Over on the right side cheaters, liar's, busters, leaving while kicking you down.
On the left back stabbers, parasites
A name The Dope Game
It's up to you to spot them out
It's hard my girl had to
read your letter saying this to me
Since my man and you are together are together locked up in the Nevada State penitentiary

Yesterday ends this the light switching onto black maybe once in awhile white to the
world The Dope Game you call it for me today
These back stabbers, parasites, cheaters, liar's stealing to where you have no life
while promising you yes I'll stay alive
The day you walk away from the Nevada state Penitentiary

The night I saw you last, leaving to get your hustle on, your dogs following close behind
June 4this the date I'll never forget, your world became the beginning of your judgment
The world I refused to except
This you always knew
Now thrown in a world, hustle, game
The day I couldn't choose
Let alone lie to you
Now you know a name The Dope Game
Life without security
Now I tasted the salted wound
Learn to survive from the advice you preached to me passing you by on video
92 times to be exact yes I'm still as live.

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