Save the Bees

In the land of milk and honey,
There was a dark hum among the roses.
The bees couldn't help but moan in satisfaction
After filling their bodies with sweetness.
Tiny, harmonious wings glistened like fluttered ice,
As they orchestrated a blissful symphony.

In the land of milk and honey,
The flowers weren't the only things with a scent;
The bees also had a smell.
They would nuzzle into the blouse of a rose
And bask in its fragrance,
Before dusting their feet in the spices of a million flowers.

In the land of milk and honey,
The melody of the bees was drowned out
By the droning of the weed eater,
Shaving the Earth of the clover-rich grass
That used to stain my bare, childlike feet
When I would chase the bees.

In the land of milk and honey,
Eventually the milk had soured
And the honey had unsweetened.
Tears swelled in my eyes like nectar
And I wept for the sake of the bees.
Save the Bees,
Save the Bees.

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