Save Us

They told me I'm part of the lost generation
That sent the world up in flames.
Though there are ashes that they left behind,
they still call us the terrible names.
"You're worthless" They spit through gritted teeth
"We'd be better if you never came!"
But they are the ones that burnt down the earth,
Even though they cannot take the blame.
They put it on us 'cause they can't bear to think
Of the infamy after the grave;
They whine and they moan and they wail about us
So that their name would be saved.
I hold the burden of forgotten deeds
Just so they can hold their head high;
Then they try to push away the fact
That we all turn to dust when we die.
WE are the ones that will shape the earth,
So stop hurting: I beg you; I plea.
The next generation is in our hands;
Be careful what you say to me.

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