Save your earth

Thousands of years ago, if one sees
Our earth was full of greenery and trees.
How pacifist our planet was
Although there were no any laws.

But bizzarre creature came in then
At first they were so humane.
But then they became a great menace
When they let their brain-using to commence.
Obviously talking about we people
Who destroyed the earth in the way of unconceivable.

We have made our earth a place......
Where lousy people are prestigious
They are being even presumptuous
They are continuing thier infraction
Without any kind of compunction

We have made our earth a place......
Where poors should be amplified
But instead riches are intensified
Where peccant should be penalized
But instead innocents are agonized

We people are besotted towards perfection
This hunger is causing so much destruction

We are cutting down trees relentlessly
To make house to live peacefully
And so we are destroying bird's nests
The only perch they have to rest.
And so we are destroying forests
The only place wild animals have to be safe.

Our earth is now a place.......
Where lochs are no longer beautiful
Where elders are no longer respectful
Where barely any one is thankful
Where almost no any place is left peaceful

If you retrospect, you will really miss those days
When there was no technology but still happiness stays

You will realize if you cerebrate
That we need to beautify our habitat

You will realize.....
Its time to wake up
Its time to get up
Its time to do something amazing
That makes our earth glowing

Our earth is our home
So, don't destroy it being a storm
Life on earth is not a plight
So don't make it so by unnecessary fight
This earth is everyone's earth
So, try n make it heaven for coming births

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