Save Yourself

Romeo, oh Romeo, art thou Romeo?
No. that’s not Romeo it’s just a boy playing dress up in cheap white clothes that reek of the perfume of his past hoe

Prince Charming?
Nah that’s not Prince Charming either because all this one wants to do is get you in bed and his white horse and carriage are just cheap promises of great sex and marriage

But he loves me...
Does he really? Or does he love the idea of you because you got great boobs and a decent personality too and he knows with just a few sweet words he can get inside of you

I’m a princess and should be treated like one!
A princess? Don’t make me laugh. Like Cinderella who did nothing but wash the dishes and make childish wishes to one day go to a ball where she would meet her Prince

Will I ever find love?
I want to believe one day I will but what even is love? and why can’t it find me? Instead I just have a broken heart inside me. But now I'm thinking more and more, that it’s better to be alone.

Who am I?
You’re a queen with a cracked crown because when the war was over all the last men standing had a piece that they broke off with such ease.

You can feel them slowly chipping you away until nothing will be left but your wishes that Prince Charming will come save the day. But he’s not coming and time is running out so you have to save yourself before all your love fades out.

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