Bleeding. I’m... bleeding.
My strength is fading;
I cannot go on.

Pain. I feel pain.
Heh, just when I thought
I was invincible, I fall.

Cold. It is cold now.
My lungs are freezing;
It’s like a vice on my throat.

Death. Is this death?
How much this hurts;
Is this the end for me?

Warm. I feel something warm.
Perhaps I am dead?
Is this Heaven, or was I condemned?

No, a hand. An arm.
Someone is helping.
Who would want to help me?

Traitor. I am a traitor.
Yet they help me.
Yes. He is helping me.

Healing. My wounds are healing.
How? What did I do
To deserve such kindness?

“Rest.” He said. Yes. Rest.
It hurts, but the blood
Has finally stopped.

Heat. There is heat.
A fire is nearby,
A blanket over me to keep me warm.

Love. He uttered that word.
How can he love me?
I am a wretched sinner.

Savior. He saved me.
He pulled me from the edge;
He granted me new life.

Love. Joy. Peace.
He gave these as a gift;
He gave them to me.

Patience. Kindness. Goodness.
These he showed me;
He showed me to pass them on.

Faithfulness. Gentleness. Self-control.
He taught these to me;
He taught these so I may teach others.

Saved. I have been saved.
No longer in pain, no longer suffering.
My Lord has saved me.

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