Saved Me

Endangered pureness, eagerly disguised
like running with knives direct on her life.
With misled directions, how does she see?...
With one eye closed, she battles the creed.
Imposters of role models, show only their worst.
This curse is fatal, brought down onto her.
Constant mediation inside of her head
fighting the demons from which she was bred.
Kept by one soul. He sees through the hyde.
Tied to her conscious as she's tied to his side.
Her heart was in danger.
It was his heart that saved her.
He bled unconditionally, his blood had the answers.
She never knew love. And that's all he knew.
Like oil and water, they boiled and brewed.
Even after disaster. Blood, sweat and tears.
They just cannot break the mold built by years.
Bittersweet bruises, used as leverage.
Inner peace loses against the reminders.
Biting down and clenching.
The wait for relief seems never coming.
Only one option left. No excuses left to chose.
The victory awaits.
When they Refuse To Lose.

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