Saving Grace

She had two sides of herself, one no one had ever seen.
She had her angel wings that carried the sunshine on her shoulders.
Everyone saw her kindness and saw her as their saving grace.
She'd help those in need, the ones she knew had battles.
But after so much giving, when she was the one in need,
She became the person, that no one had ever seen.
Her heart was like a desert, dead and dry with nothing alive around.
She carried appendages on her back, that had been stripped clean
She looked like a evil demon with wings but no feathers to be found.
She had to wash away the dirtiness she carried from everyone.
They drained her of her sanity and the desert she'd retreat as home
Nothing there was peaceful and nothing ever grew.
It was always the hotness that felt like hell,
Always threatening to tear her down.
She'd stay long enough to let the dark, dirty, doings
That she pulled and carried from everyone
Waste away to nothing and mix in the sand on the ground.
Once she felt whole again and her soul was full of light
She'd throw her angel wings back on and once again take flight.

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