Saving the Planet

The environment is a big ole place
But the world is getting smaller like an enclosed space.
Nature will surely suffer in a year or two
If polluting is what we continue to do.
There has to be some sort of plan
Where structure and order come in hand
To maintain and save our beautiful planet,
For which we all mistakenly take for granted.
We humans believe we are superior
No fear of what happens to the Earth's lovely exterior.
We plunder through the Earth with so-called immunity
Yet coal, oil and iron are disappearing in our communities.
It's time to stop being selfish and blind
To the real world issues being demolished by mankind.
For if we don't stop and change our ways
Long live the happy days.
Nonetheless, no one cares about these minute concerns
Because we are too busy watching each other take turns
Destroying the world each and every day
For it's just a matter of time before we have to pay.
How long will it be before we realize we have to take a stand?
Ten years, twenty years?
Or will it have to be the price of our promise land?

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