Saving You

You said your heart was now immune to me
'Inpenetrable' you called it
And I laughed at your obvious fright
This need to ward me off
Keep me far from the soft pulp of your terrified heart.

Watch how you become suddenly religious
Make the sign of the cross
Buy cloves of denial to string around your shuttered heart
Use words like wooden stakes to stab holes into my cool demeanour and curb my happy gait
As yet unruffled by the cold - heat of your displeasure.

I reach out and poke at your insides
Dissect your thoughts
Perfume your disdain
Woo you with the headiness of my dreams
Relight the fires in your eyes
Open my lips wide and pant my beliefs into the recesses of your soul.

And you become my prisoner once again
Since you are now unwilling to flee
Or see the necessity of our separate commitments
Our devotion to others elsewhere.

And I your selfless witch
Tug your heart strings anew
Connect my life line to yours
Drain my veins of precious blood
To force the life back into your corpse.

Satisfied I relax my grip upon your heart.
Assured that my penance is almost paid
I bid you goodbye once more and let you go.

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