Say Goodbye, Baby, Say Goodbye

He tenderly picks them up in his shaking arms
Wishing to see their huge, innocent eyes
Peer wide open at him, one last time

He stares at their lifeless bodies
Wondering what they did to deserve this
As he hugs them tight, one last time

He holds them closer to his heart
Never wanting to let go
As he rocks back and forth, lulling them to sleep, one last time

He falls to his knees, arms protecting them, eyes shut tight
Desperately pleading
To hear their laughter, bring music to his ears, one last time

Crumpling to the floor in agony
He brings their cold hands up to his trembling lips
Daintily kissing their frozen fingers, one last time

His melancholic red eyes glistening
Fresh, salty tears tumble down his already wet cheeks
As he whispers bye-bye, one last time

"Say goodbye, baby, say goodbye"

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