Say Hi to Suicide

I remember when my time was almost done
Friends use to plead, saying no it's just begun
I always wanted to be that favorite son
Instead I'm staring in the mirror revealing a gun
Struggling to find happiness in the last couple years
Every night waking up to real life nightmares
I'm suddenly chained up drowning in my tears
As I'm getting abused by my father who's drunk off beers
I knew from the first day I was a mistake
Never loved or cared about, rather shot and killed like a rattlesnake
My meaning for life was presented as a terrible earthquake
Shaking from heartbreak, maybe from the drugs I use to take
I look in the mirror suddenly filled with instant joy
Finally leaving the world no longer a childhood toy
Who was often penetrated, considered the golden boy
I only wanted to be the best, instead I was a decoy
Pointing the gun towards my head I say "Thank You"
Thank you for the pain and anger, if only you knew
That has caused me to shoot and instantly turn blue
As I am now done my life I have withdrew
With this I have hurt none but only a few
The rest are happy saying he was only a see through
For those who cared, Thank you and remember I love you"

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