Last night I had a worry about you
With everything you've been through
I tried to cover my emotion by simply saying "night."
You asked me "why?" Which gave my heart a fright.
I told you because I didn't want to speak my mind
You tried asking questions to see what you could find.
You asked me how I felt and fared?
My only answer? I am only feel scared.
Scared that we won't last forever
Scared that we will never truly be together.
Scared because I don't want to push you away
Scared because all I want is for you to stay.
The truth is my heart is set on you
And everything I've ever said is true.
I love you more each day and night
Being with you has never felt more right.
Any other guy in my life is just a distraction
All I'm hoping for is a reaction
That somehow you're in love with me too
That without me your life is covered in blue.
Every song I hear hits me with emotion
Baby that is just the motion.
What do I do to make sure it lasts a while?
That ny heart doesn't get thrown in a pile.
On and off for months at a time, I can't do it
So please don't put me through it
Let's just be together and in each others lives
Instead of a shallow sharing a shallow love that only deprives.
I'm ready for you to be my only
To never again feel lonely
Your heart is the only one I want to hold onto

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