Scared Of Needles

By Mohamed   

Hold up above her as if to admire
A syringe
Already I can feel the sharp point
Going into my skin
I'm scared I confessed ever since
A child I fear
The dreaded needle even the idle
Ones in the drawer
You find in a box amongst the buttons
And the thread

She said don't worry it'll only hurt a
Little tiny bit
Mother said the doctor knows what
To do so sit
I grimaced a tinge why do needles
Make such pain
Seeing blood extracted it's something
That burned in my brain
I'd swear not to go there even with
Treats or tricks

Shortly I've to have my blood tested
And screened
Ah! To go through the same anxiety
Of the pain unseen
Without mother's comfort but I know
She's near by my side
Looking over my shoulders to give me
A pat when I cried
There now she'd say that wasn't bad
Was it?
Agreed or not I nodded.

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This Poems Story

Some people are scared of snakes, spiders all the creepy crawlies. Scared of heights or of the dark. But I'm scared of needles.