What i have is an invisible scar.
Yes! You heard it right.
Its not a scar that makes me look ugly
But its a scar cut in the deepest of me.

Scar that is made by the people around.
Who show love and care in front of me.
But stab me at my back.
And gave me the most painful wounds.

Those people i've cared the most
But show no care at all.
Those people i've loved
But only taken me for granted.

Those people who say, they would stay
But leave and take what i have.
My peace, my love and my happiness.
And replace it with pain and loneliness.

And they were not contented of what they have done.
They left marks that i could never erase.
The scars that would never fade.
Scars that covered my skin but could never be seen

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