Scarred For Life

I'm hiding behind broken glass
Afraid it won't rebuild
Piece by piece everyday I weep
I will never heal
My life has molded into a black hole
I dig and dig, there is no way out, only an abyss of darkness
I hide myself everyday, I put smiles on my face
But nothing can hide how torn up I am inside
All I want is to travel back to a time of happiness
When my bones and muscles didn't ache from the insufferable agony
I faced
I'm frazzled when I realize it's inescapable
I search for a shallow end,
One where I can get out of the depression forever
I'm stuck deep under a million rocks
I am forever sealed with my own terrible fate, Failure
No one can save me now
For the devil is me
Only I can break out of the magnetic pull of my own destiny
I need to leave my sadness behind
I need to find a new life, one where I can be me
A new start for the girl behind the broken glass

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