Some scars never heal, actually they never do
see scars are an incredible thing,
they cover where the cut was
but that doesn't mean they get rid of the memory of the knife
A knife may not be a blade, it may be a word,
a text
a comment and no matter how many times a person apologizes
the memory stays.

So many times a scar dictates our future
a person will see it and turn their back saying
"I can't deal with this,"
or "you remind me of something"
And so the scar not only tears you up,
but reminds others of their hurt from their own lives

My scars don't dictate where I go
they remind me of how far I've come
Words that echo through my mind saying I'll never be enough
That I'll never accomplish my goals
These are the driving force to keep me going
To prove them wrong and in the end say,
"I've finally won."

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