I have scars on my body.
Jagged flesh lingers on my mind,
awoken by the sight of you-
by wide eyes that seem so kind.

I’m reminded when I look at you
how proud and tall I once could stand
before falling from garden-scapes-
ocean current, fleeing to new land.

I know that I could hide myself-
sinking into shadows cast by towering trees at night,
or cradling myself within scalding sun’s blinding light.
I won’t.

When you gaze my way you will see me
with your wide, kind eyes.
When you touch my skin you will feel me,
and the past I left behind.

I have scars on my body.

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This Poems Story

A poem about having a past that isn't the most appealing, yet still choosing to show it to the person in your life that you have the option of hiding it from.