Scars I Hide

My life may look good on the outside, No one knows what I hide
It's not about them anyway, Worthless my life will stay
Every time I get upset, My own pain shall be met
It's my arms so why would they care,
I keep them covered so you can't stare
One cut was all it was supposed to be,
Now I'm on two hundred and three
My sad depletes as I bleed, I try to figure it out in books I read
If only I knew how to quit, Its an addiction I have to admit
To ask for help I will not, What will I do is just one thought
Barley any skin left on my wrist, Not to deep I insist
Just don't cut an artery, Uh oh that was not smart of me
Dizziness take over as my blood runs low,
I open my eyes to a room as white as snow
What have I done now they know
So many will think I'm crazy, I don't want them to make fun of me
I'm just like so many I can finally see
I will never cut again I say aloud,
No more sleeves while in the crowd
It's been so long since then,So why do I want to cut again
Close my eyes and count to ten
It will be hard from here on out,
I will make it through this without a doubt

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