Scars of Hope

Hoping for something better,
I opened the door.
'No matter what happened,
You understand my sore'
And that I assumed it to be enough,
Enough to swallow the glum roars.
Handing me a rose bouquet,
You said it was all over,
Like it would never bother again.
And then again, 
You blurred my hopes,
Left me alone in my shattered thoughts.

Leaning against the wide open window,
I stiched the scars,
Engraved under my skin in deep furrows
And allowed my tears to ink my sorrow.
After a little while,
When the clouds hobbled out,
When the gloom was no more loud,
The sun blurred all the savage sights
And though poured faith & relief in my sound.
Wandering over the summer lights
I figured out my fights,
Stuck in the tunes of misery and despise.

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