Scattered Thoughts

Scattered thoughts they roam around on the verge of a mental breakdown
The screaming and the noise never stop
They grow faster, louder, and more intense barely ever making sense
Begging pleading ask for help screaming crying you get the round about
They jump around inside your head making you wish you were dead
Fighting the urge of fatal actions no one ever sees her simple tactics
The scars she hides them well a simple tool she uses to rebel
The harm is known but no one cares all she gets are people’s blank stares
The hurt runs deep as it all seems to seep
All her thoughts of anxiety have become nothing more than a society
They raise her up and push her down frantically she searches all around
Stuck in her depressive state things always seem like a huge debate
She does her best to succeed but sometimes she can barely breathe
Her grip on life is fading fast no one knows how much longer she will truly last
Her struggles bring her to today to what she wonders what to say
The thoughts that travel through her mind race and taunt and keep her blind

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This Poems Story

I wrote this poem when I was going through a really rough time in my life. I was battling severe anxiety and sometimes bouts of depression and writing was my escape. I believe it’s a writing that many people can relate to as everyone goes through trials in their lives and at times feels like giving up.