The walls guarding the tomb
are seen before you;
treasures unknown lie with-

In; they taunt your strength and
Belittle your stature
But appearances are

Deceiving when one is
an actor; having ne’er
been breached much confidence

Is harbored, “We are grate-
ful that our architects
designed us well,” they say.

You ignore their comments
And summon your comrades
A task such as this re-

Quires many hands, the
summoned bring gifts most un-
kind; these architects plan

Demise; after things are
set, you signal retreat;
all are clear, thus, you press

It – explosions ensue
and dust clouds gather, their
scattered components

Cover the ground; voices
now broken, laments are
uttered but they cannot

Be heard over your taunts
and laughter

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