Scavenger Hunt for Happiness

My eternity is spent
On a scavenger hunt for happiness.
Except I'm given no list
Of objects to find.
Or any indications as
To where they might be.
I spend my days searching,
When I have no idea what I'm searching for.
Im left wandering and scouring,
Within a labyrinth of reality.
Praying that I'll find
Laughter under a park bench,
Joy flowing in a river bed,
Blissfulness hidden within the knots of tree trunks,
Jubilation woven into spider webs,
Euphoria in August's chrysanthemums,
Optimism playing in the cirrus clouds,
Contentment in the notes of chickadee songs,
Alleviation coiled around bridge railings,
Prosperity in the cracks of the pavement.
And someday,
Perhaps I will find the answers to my
Scavenger hunt for happiness.

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