I saw a familiar stranger
In search of a scavenger.
Dread lock,boxy suit and contrast collar.
Tatteredly clothed in expensive outfits.
The forest agreed first with his shoe.
Then his plumpy vessel of undigested food.
He explored the light family of trees.
Raised his peg and dashed apart the panther.

Blood did the salutation.
While the carcass profer him a solution.
He wished he could take it home.
But the scavenger wouldn't leave its home.
Then came a loyal poltician.
Drilled in circuit like an electrician.
To disconnect the current of the trees.
And take them for consumption at least.

But the stranger; with he in his sight,
Did away with his fright,
Summoned courage to jail the fear,
And when fight ensue; to fear kill.
Edged he toward the politician.
And told his tales to the electrician.
Overruled by the zeal to care,
The politician served the stranger a meal.

But the stranger siad:
'I need thy help not thy bread!'
But instead the politician rent his cloth.
And on ash he did a lot of swimming.
In rage conceived by the occurence.
The stranger gathered the strength of his existence,
Moved toward the panther; With on his waist,his cloth,
And lifted it in great growling.
Then,with Joy of his triumphant,
With the panther on his neck; he onward abound.
Leaving the awkward politician behind,
Whose life had been jeopardized.
........... Have faith in yourself,
And your problem will be to you,an infant.....

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