Scene from Six Feet


I watch and hear it all, though I’m alone,
I see my world collapse, a new one born.
Though I can’t reach out past six feet of space,
The pain still reaches out to me the same.
A world where all the matters is the self,
A place where pride and anger rule the soul,
Is where a once great nation finds itself,
Discontent and tumult take their hold.
The innocent are hurt, and in turn harm
Not those who hurt them; those who did no wrong.
And thus the sinless become fiends themselves,
The ones who act with sole regard for self
And in retaliation, take a sword
And plunge it into hearts without regard.
Oh, banner red with blood that marks a call
To disregard all hope of civil law,
And leave a people set in disarray
Against an ally turned into a foe.
All people, humans, seen as ‘other’ and
Then disregarded, worthless contraband.
If eyes would open, see the world around
And lips would seal with words what hands destroy:
That hope of peace, illusive and unfound
When lives and souls of men become a toy.

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