Scenic Kingdom

A sunshine as potent as moonshine presses down today,
Rising up necromancies from the dust that dance among the rays.
A hawk cries out, a paralyzing primal shriek,
His talons shining down as light bounces off his beak.
There's a deep presence in the air,
A shrouded gloom of time,
Lines from the past pressing forward, into future signs.
The cacti shift their shadowed dance as the day trudges on,
As snakes slither in the shade that's made in symbiotic bond.
Mountains of sand loom and morph with the wind in its dance,
This landscape in constant death and rebirth is part of the balance.
Fire scolds the sky into an ash as black as night,
The sunset breaths out the sunshine,
While the stars take their flight.
Then a coolness whispers to life and tenderly tickles this desert,
And creatures dead by day revive and become extrovert.
I watch these patterns in humbled silence,
As they sing there ancient wisdom,
The wonder of human emotion, free to roam this scenic kingdom.

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