Habitually, I strive to keep my knackered self
away from the ethical vermin.
The douche has been a fidus achates.
Unfailingly, they have made themselves available
to serve as such a pernicious purpose
in anyone's existence.
I wonder how they find pleasure despiriting others.
They find entertainment while they twiddle their thumb
to descry my grapple.
Schandenfreude bludgeoned the masochist out of me
knowing I could not escape or avoid them.
I must reassemble myself and squelch being flimsy.
I need to latch onto the jubilation
of having obnoxious mushrooms around.
Now I find pleasure knowing how they have been a device
to my most unfortunate season.
Now I can dance laughing at the face of misery
the sadness you brought is now my happiness.
Damn, I feel so good.

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This Poems Story

Schadenfreude means pleasure derived by someone from another person's misfortune. The poet doesn't like this kind of people, and she can't avoid them. Instead of being miserable about them and what they do to her, she reassembled herself in a way that she becomes resilient and she doesn't get affected by those kind of people. She became masochist, she learned to enjoy the pain and whatever a schadenfreude do to her and she dances and laughs at the face of misery. The sadness a schadenfreude could give to her became her happiness and it feels good.