Ode to school,
how I absolutely love waking up before the sun
just to be with you every single day.
How I love sitting in uncomfortable chairs,
paying rapt attention to the teacher
drone on about something that might be important.
Then all of a sudden the teacher calls on me.
I have no idea what is going on.

Ode to school,
how I am so happy to go home
and do more work for the next day.
Studying, studying, and more studying for tests--
taking tests gives me goose bumps
from the anticipation that builds up all week,
until test day, the best day ever.

Oh school, how I love getting that test back
after days of preparation,
to see my grade tell me I am average.
It makes the whole process worth it in the end.

Ode to school,
how I dread leaving you one day.

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