What is the reason we have school for?
Could it be here for nothing or is it just
a waste of time.No the reason school is here,
is because the teachers and
parents would like their children to learn
so they can be better and do better in life.
The schools are here so we can learn not to play.
It is here so we can learn not to make mistakes in life
that we cost us to go to prison or worst our lives.
We shouldn't take advantage of what we have because
we can loses it in a flash.
Also the teachers aren't here for nothing.
There not here to be yelled at by the students or to
be told their not doing it right.Their here to help us
achieve our goals.
They gave their time to help us.They could be at home
with their families or could of been going to different
places around the world.They chose to help us,they could
also be teaching collage but no they thought it isn't fair
that they don't get the same education.
These are reasons why school is important and
why teachers help us students.

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