School Day

I awake in the morning to my grandmother's voice.
If it were my decision, I'd stay in bed by choice.
From 5:30 to 6,
My mind is tired and in a mix.
The big yellow school bus soon after arrives at my door.
Does it not know that school can be a bore?
For more than an hour I have to listen to the bus' s annoying sounds.
By the time I arrive at school that day,
I feel groggy and want to find a place where my my head could lay.
1st period to 2nd and then to 3rd,
This is beginning to sound absurd.
4th period rolls over to lunch,
And might I add that 30 minutes to eat is a time crunch?
By 5th period, my eyes begin to tire.
For Math class is something I never admire.
At this time of my day I begin to wonder,
Why is letters even being used with a number?
When the bell rings for 6th period, I feel overjoyed!
For Art is a class I would never avoid.
An hour of freedom passes by too fast,
But 7th period arrives at last.
After 7th, I walk to the bus.
But this time, I put up no fuss.
One thing for sure is evening passes to night way too quickly.
For this poem describes my school day cycle quite simply.

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