School Days

Sitting in the classroom full of other kids
School bell rings for playtime
Blazing sunshine, blinking eyelids
Steam train trundles by as on the fence we climb
Autumn had by now taken hold
Rusty leaves blown around
An ill wind blows in so cold
As all the kids run around
The teacher blows the whistle
We all make our way back to the classroom
An art lesson on how to draw a thistle
Grey clouds cloaked the sky with a sense of gloom
Out on the lush green playing fields
Playing games with each other
With the games teacher Mr Garfield
Another day has come to an end
Off home with clothes in disarray
A satchel full of homework to amend
A surprise party for your birthday
School days now long gone
Now a distant memory of days long forgot
What good times we had me and my friend john
Older and wiser sat in the pub drinking a tot
Reminissing about times long ago
How we played tricks on the teachers
The fun we had skidding along in the snow
Making scary halloween creatures
That was then and this is now
How time has passed us by
Remembering Thomas the know it all knowhow
I often think of my school days now that I live in Dubai

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