School Days

School days are treasures,
That fill our hearts with pleasures,
I was three,
When I came to school and bid goodbye to my parents,
Now I'm fifteen,
When I have to leave school, but can't,
Because those little things,
Have become memories,
Memories that could never vanish from my mind,
From those chalk fights,
To those stupid names,
And those silly little things,
Last but not the least,
Our teacher's scoldings,
These became memories.
While first benchers made notes,
Last benchers made memories,
During lunch breaks, Biryanis and Brownies,
Were feasted upon,
Canteen Parties on birthdays were sworn,
And food fights were always on,
All these became memories.
Memories that could not be forgotten,
For school days were the best days of a person's life.

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