School Days

At farewell of school everything changed,
Life of toppers of class are now aimed,
Backbenchers of class rocks as always.

Endless talk of friends forever,
Now changed to casual ones,
There regular meet now changed to someday or never.

Keeping names of teacher
was the funniest thing,
What was the fun, if backbenchers don't sing,
They behaved like class empire's king.

Free period after maths was just like rebirth,
And felt like heaven on earth,
Every minute of the period had its worth.

The one thing that increased heart rate,
Passing cheats was the adventure great,
Mam must not notice that was the threat.

Sport period was like clouds shadow in hot,
Mind can't remember period over or not,
The Sport period always made fun a lot.

Having tension of homeworks day and night,
For this friend's solutions were strong and right,
We completed homeworks maybe or might.

Relation between friends were good and quiet,
Besties sometimes had fights,
Would end the aloofness by showing flag white.

Had attractions of girls at some sights,
Friends had been helping to make relation tight,
After few moments feelings would fly like kite.

Free from cage was the feeling in mind,
We were moving with memories behind,
Remembering the moments good ones and kind.

Now missing those school moments and days,
Wanna go back to school, but there are no ways,
Still my heart goes to school now, then and always.

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