School Essay

Will you please just shut up?
You're drink way too much
Stop stuttering and don’t make a scene
You’re acting like an alcohol Fein
It’s too late to hide the stench in your mouth
Plus my sense of smell has already gone south
Hey be quiet our you’ll wake our child
I said stop you’re acting too wild
Put that knife down what are you crazy
Well you are intoxicated so maybe
Go and sleep it off
And tomorrow call your boss
Get your hand from around my neck
Stupid little man what the heck
How about you just get out
And tomorrow don’t be coming about
Cause tonight was you last night coming in drunk
And smelling like a skunk
Oh and get a lawyer because I’m divorcing you, you fool
Now hurry and get out because Sandy has school
Thank you Sandy next is Dan
Now tell the class how your spent your weekend

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