School Life

I wake up in the morning, but still wish I was asleep
Trying to drift away again I count imaginary sheep.
It doesn't work and I know I have to wake up for school
and as I hear the alarm going off in my ear, it all seems too cruel.
I Get dressed, brush my teeth, and wash my face
I have to catch the bus to school also known as the morning race.
who will get to the stop first, the bus or me?
We took a shortcut and won by a minute thankfully.
I'm finally at school in English, a two period course,
reminded by teachers that reading is an important source.
class after class more homework and quizzes come my way
and finally schools over! I survived another day.
After I get home I have to win another fight
going against a monster named homework who keeps me up all night.
Finally I go to bed and the hours I sleep will have to do
The next morning I wake up not expecting anything new.

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