School Memories

School memories- best memories
Tedious 1 to 8 periods,
Annoying long bells,
Busy assemblies,
Desperate 45 minutes of each period,
Same silly tantrums of teacher ,
Tasty tiffin sharing each other,
Game periods,Dirty school uniforms,
Happiness when teacher is absent,
Cheatings during tests,
Incomplete assignments,
Calling teachers by nick names,
Teasing each other by their crush names,
Interesting annual games, functions...
Distributing chocolates on birthdays,
Those pen fights, Bingo, word games,
Never ending picnics, magic shows,
Restless board exams, terrifying result
Ugly group photographs, and lastly
Emotional farewell....
Waoooo!! really!!!!
School days- irreplaceable days!!!

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