School Sestina

School Sestina
By: Trinity Gertken

Dragging yourself out of bed everyday,
Getting ready for something so early, school.
You keep telling yourself it will be over before you know it but you're tired,
Everyone wants you to do well and get into a good college you're trying to achieve.
It is hard to achieve when the thing that you need is hard to grasp, learning.
During passing period students give zombie looks.

Teachers have a thing when you don't understand, confused looks,
It is so hard for students to comprehend material everyday.
Everything that is taught to students is supposed to be something that they are learning.
When your sick, you are frowned upon for missing assignments and school,
That attendance rate goes down for programs you're trying to achieve,
The only reason you're becoming so sick is because you're overworked and tired.

Classmates have the same problem and they all share their struggles, they’re tired.
Across the classroom your friend looks,
Gloomy so you talk to them and tell them just think to achieve.
Just once, you want to catch up so you're not behind everyday.
This place is enjoyable when awake enough, the place called school,
Making it through the day just so you can say you're learning.

The classes that don't have homework are the ones that you are in, learning.
After awhile the feeling of being tired,
Goes away because you can't miss anymore school.
The face expressions on your face become excitement looks.
You look forward to the weekend to get sleep everyday,
This week you have almost finished and achieved.

The weekend has come and free time is what you're trying to achieve.
Two days that dont consist of unreliable learning.
You get to sleep in on the weekends everyday,
By sunday you are rejuvenated and not tired.
You are happy and you don't want the break to end, happy looks.
One night sleep then its the crack of dawn back to school.

Its monday and its back to school,
Here we go again trying to achieve.
Everyone is wanting to go back home and relive the weekend, annoyed looks.
Back to learning but are we really learning?
Students are sad because they wanted to sleep in, they are tired.
Wishing for summer everyday.

You dread school, it makes you tired,
The looks are scary and you are done trying to achieve.
Are you really learning everyday?

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