School Shootings Got Families Weeping

In a world obscured by shadows, I fear,
A haunting reality that draws so near,
School shootings plague our lands, so vile,
Leaving families shattered, faces in denial.

Once halls of knowledge and laughter's embrace,
Now echo with gunshots, all hope erased,
Children, innocent souls, caught in the fray,
Their youthful dreams brutally snatched away.

Families torn asunder, forever scarred,
Their hearts, heavy with grief, permanently marred,
A painful void within, where love once dwelled,
In the aftermath of tragedy, darkness compelled.

Brothers against brothers, sisters against sisters,
Strife within families, torn apart, blistered,
A blame game ensued, fingers harshly pointed,
Yet unity must prevail, love not disjointed.

In the midst of chaos, teachers rise,
Guardians of knowledge, with determined eyes,
They gather the fragments, teach lessons anew,
Rebuilding hope, and dreams that once grew.

With compassion as their guiding light,
They heal shattered souls, embracing the fight,
For in their hands, the power resides,
To ignite inspiration, where hope hides.

Lessons extend beyond the confines of books,
They teach resilience in every bewildering look,
Empathy and understanding they impart,
To heal the broken, mend a wounded heart.

Let us not succumb to darkness's might,
Instead, let unity be our shining light,
For in this world, with its weighty woes,
Together, compassion and love will grow.

So let us stand tall, hand in hand,
Vow to heal wounds, across the land,
School shootings, family fights, we'll defy,
With love and knowledge, we'll decry.

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