School’s Gonna end in a while

Okay, school's gonna end in a while, and people are gonna be super nostalgic about the memories they have had in the past eight to nine years. And we are just gonna sit there, counting the number of uniforms we have worn in our entire school life.

Remember the time you were the 'new kid' in the class, and everyone gave you all the unnecessary attention? It felt nice to be in the spotlight. But at the same time, it was terrible to be the one without any friends. It was awful to fit in and adjust in a class of thirty-five to forty strangers and completing all the notes at the same time.

Every school has given some beautiful memories to hold on to and some terrible memories to cry on. And once you know you are starting to adjust in a place, you're supposed to pack your bags and go somewhere else. No, I am not saying this is in a negative way. It's just that no one can really understand this feeling.

I get the fear of missing out on things. Remember the time when friends from your previous school used to hangout and flex while you just sat there and was like, "Okay, I miss them." And this doesn't mean that you are not happy where you are. It's not easy to move on from a place that gave you some extraordinary memories.

Let it be for three months or three years; it's hard to give up everything and adjust in a completely new environment. Let's talk about the brighter side. All the confidence and memories each school gave us is priceless. All the friends and enemies we've had have taught us something. Oh, and remember the day you were leaving school, and every single person gave you their wishes and some cute gifts?

It was nice to feel special on the first day and last day of school. Let's just be proud of the fact that we have made it so far only by being into different environments. And I guess we are the ones who have struggled a bit, perhaps.

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